Utah Mistake

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Mutual mistake:

Elements to be proved by clear and convincing evidence:

  1. that at the time the contract was entered into both parties were mistaken about these facts, and
  2. that these facts were a basic assumption or an important fact upon which they based their bargain.


England v. Horbach, 944 P.2d 340 (Utah 1997).

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Robert Langston Ltd. v. McQuarrie, 741 P.2d 554 (Utah Ct. App. 1987).

Restatement (Second) of Contracts §§ 151, 152 (1979).

Unilateral mistake:

Elements to be proved by clear and convincing evidence:

  1. a party was mistaken about a particular matter;
  2. the mistake has such serious consequences that to enforce the contract would be unconscionable;
  3. the matter about which the mistake was made related to a material feature of the contract;
  4. the mistake occurred even though the party made a reasonable effort to understand the circumstances about which he was mistaken; and
  5. the other party can be put back in the same position he was in before the contract, losing only the benefit of the bargain.


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