Utah Breach of duty of loyalty

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During an attorney-client relationship, an attorney owes a client a fiduciary duty of loyalty, which requires the attorney “to exercise impeccable honesty, fair dealing, and fidelity” in dealings with the client. Id. An attorney-client relationship exists when the client reasonably believes the attorney represents the client's legal interests. See *1126 Kilpatrick v. Wiley, Rein & Fielding, 2001 UT 107, ¶ 40, 37 P.3d 1130 (hereinafter “Kilpatrick II ”); see also In re Weiner, 120 Ariz. 349, 586 P.2d 194, 197 (1978) (stating that attorney-client relationship terminates when the “client clearly understands, or reasonably should understand, that the relationship is no longer to be depended on”).

Roderick v. Ricks, 2002 UT 84, 54 P.3d 1119, 1125-26