Utah Declaratory judgment

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[T]he conditions which must exist before a declaratory judgment action can be maintained are:

  1. a justiciable controversy;
  2. the interests of the parties must be adverse;
  3. the party seeking such relief must have a legally protected interest in the controversy; and
  4. the issues between the parties involved must be ripe for judicial determination.

Lyon v. Bateman, 228 P.2d 818, 820 (Utah 1951). See, e.g., Backman v. Salt Lake County, 375 P.2d 756 (Utah 1962); Parker v. Rampton, 497 P.2d 848 (Utah 1972); Baird v. State, 574 P.2d 713 (Utah 1978); Jenkins v. Swan, 675 P.2d 1145 (Utah 1983).